American Red Cross in Greater New York Podcast

Hurricanes to COVID-19, A Lifetime of Red Cross Service Around the World

July 29, 2021

Dr. Joseph Prewitt Diaz is a pioneer in the field of disaster mental health with decades of international and domestic field experience following disasters. In his time with the American Red Cross he has supported 52 domestic deployments across the US. Internationally, he has worked in 29 different countries with the organization.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Dr. Prewitt Diaz is a highly-accredited educational psychologist with degrees from the University of Puerto Rico, the University of Connecticut, and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

In this final episode of our second season we discuss how his long and accomplished Red Cross career led him to a unique role supporting vulnerable communities dealing with the pandemic. 

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Producer & Host: Michael de Vulpillieres
Editor: Mackenzie Lynch

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